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Research Axes & Thematics

Researchers of QUBIC carry out research in three areas of biophysics. These research areas are applied to a range of biological questions in the various fields including microbiology, biology, and neuroscience.

Axis 1:

Biological Systems Theory

To understand the complex mechanisms governing biological systems, we have to design mathematical models that describe and predict the behaviour of these systems. The understanding of these systems allows us to identify the regulatory mechanisms in the native system. 

Axis 2:

Biophotonics and Experimental Technologies

Biophysics is concerned with obtaining quantitative data from biological systems. To achieve this, cutting-edge technologies, in particular imaging techniques, have to be developed to push the frontier of what can be visualized and quantified ever further. 

Axis 3:

Quantitative Biology in Complex Systems

Cutting-edge techniques developed in Axis 2 are used to explore new frontiers in various complex biological systems to understand the underlying mechanisms in more detail and obtain quantifiable data to feed into the models developed in axis 1.
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